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Passion CD-1001 The Ad Libs - I Don't Need No Fortune Teller

   1. I Stayed Home New Year's Eve (As The Creators)
   2. Shombadoo (As The Creators)
   3. Yeah, He's Got It (As The Creators)
   4. Boy From New York City (Stereo)
   5. Bottom of Soul
   6. Kicked Around
   7. Down Home Girl
   8. He Ain't No Angel  (Stereo)
   9. Ask Anybody
  10. Ooh Wee Oh Me Oh My
  11. Johnny My Boy
  12. The Slime
  13. Nothing Worse Than Being Alone
  14. On the Corner
  15. If She Wants Him
  16. Show A Little Appreciation
  17. You're Just a Rolling Stone
  18. Giving Up
  19. Human
  20. Think of Me
  21. Every Boy and Girl
  22. Don't Ever Leave Me
  23. You're In Love
  24. Love Me
  25. Know All About Me
  26. New York in the Dark
  27. I Don't Need No Fortune Teller
  28. Dance With Me Children
  29. Spring and Summer

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