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Spade CD- 3013The Best of Spade Records

By Vern Pullens
1. Bop Crazy Baby 
2. Rock On Mable 
3. Long Gone 
4. You Don't Mean To Make Me Cry 
5. Mama Don't Allow No Boppin' 
6. It's My Life 
7. Would You Be Happy 

By Royce Porter
8. A Woman Can Make You Blue 
9. A Woman Can Make You Blue (alt) 
10. Love Is Made of This 
11. I End Up Crying 

By Bennie Hess
12. Boppin' the Rock 
13. Bennie Hess Boogie 
14. Jungle Land Rock 
15. Wild Hog 
16. You Called Me Honey 
17. Blue Monday Night 
18. Milk Cow Blues 
19. Tennessee Mama Blues 
20. You're Gonna Need Me 
21. Gone Mama Blues 
22. Side Track Blues 

By Donald Simpson
23. Save Me Your Love 
24. Woe-Oh Baby 

By Ray Dogget
25. Go Go Heart 
26. It Hurts the One Who Loves You 
27. No Doubt About It 

By Meredith Neal
28. Gertrude 

By Carl Gillion
29. Do Right Daddy (alt) 
30. Do Right Daddy 

By Carl Greene
31. Nashville Boogie

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