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BMG CD- 4617 Lou Reed- Legendary - 3 CD Box Set of Greatest Hits
Due to the size and weight of the CD packaging, this CD counts as 3 CDs shipped

Disc 1
1. Going Down
2. I Love You
3. Love Makes You Feel
4. Ocean
5. Walk On The Wild Side
6. Andy's Chest
7. Perfect Day
8. Make Up
9. Vicious
10. Lady Day
11. Caroline Says 1
12. How Do You Think It Feels
13. Oh Jim
14. Men Of Good Fortune
15. Rock N Roll
16. Good Taste

Disc 2
1. Intro/Sweet Jane
2. Kill Your Sons
3. Billy
4. Sally Can't Dance
5. Satellite Of Love
6. Crazy Feeling
7. A Gift
8. Nowhere At All
9. Nobody's Business
10. Coney Island Baby
11. Underneath The Bottle
12. The Gun
13. Waves Of Fear
14. The Day John Kennedy Died
15. Legendary Hearts
16. Home Of The Brave
17. Rooftop Garden

Disc 3
1. Bottoming Out
2. Make Up Mind
3. The Last Shot
4. Betrayed
5. Sweet Jane
6. I'm Waiting For My Man
7. White Light White Heat
8. I Love You Suzanne
9. Turn To Me
10. What Becomes A Legend Most?
11. Fly Into The Sun
12. High In The City
13. New Sensations
14. Outside
15. Mistrial
16. I Remember You
17. No Money Down

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