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MGM CD-2537 Debbie Reynolds - Sings Songs From Her Hit Films & More

   1. Aba Dabba Honeymoon (with Carleton Carpenter)
   2. All I Do is Dream of You (with girls chorus)
   3. You Are My Lucky Star
   4. Good Morning (with Gene Kelly & Donald O'Connor)
   5. Would You?
   6. Singin' In the Rain (In A-Flat)
   7. We have Never Met as Yet (with Donald O'Connor)
   8. A Lady Loves (with male chorus)
   9. Imagine (with Vic Damone)
  10. (Love Is) The Tender Trap
  11. Tammy
  12. French Heels (with male chorus)
  13. A Very Special Love
  14. Say One For Me (with Bing Crosby)
  15. The Girl Most Likely to Succeed (with Robert Wagner)
  16. Am I That Easy to Forget?
  17. City Lights
  18. A Home in the Meadow (Greensleeves)
  19. Wait For the Hoedown
  20. What Was Your Name in the States?
  21. Raise a Ruckus Tonight
  22. Joey
  23. Hey Jimmy, Joe, John, Jim, Jack!
  24. Belly Up to the Bar, Boys
  25. I Ain't Down Yet! (with Grover Dale & Gus Trikonis)
  26. I'll Never Say No
  27. Dominique
  28. A Pied Piper
  29. It's a Miracle

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