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Park 558 CD Dovells - Bristol Stomp
All the following titles are the original recordings

1. Bristol Stomp, 
2. Why Not, Why Not You, 
3. No, No No, 
4. Letters of Love, 
5. Hully Gully Baby, 
6. Do The New Continental, 
7. Stop Monkying Around, 
8. Bristol Twistin' Annie, 
9. The Actor, 
10. Surfin' Safari 
11. Mope-Itty Mope, 
12. Betty in Bermudas, 
13. Happy Birthday Just the Same, 
14. Your Last Chance, 
15. Jitterbug, 
16. Hey Beautiful, 
17. Don't Come Back, 
18. To Make a Long Story Short, 
19. I Really Love You, 
20. Stompin' Everywhere, 
21. In the Still of the Night, 
22. Cheat, 
23. Little Bitty Pretty One, 
24. Summer Job, 
25. Save Me Baby, 
26. Out In the Cold Again, 
27. Dance the Frug, 
28. Trickle Trickle, 
29. Clock, 
30. You Can't Sit Down

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