Executive Résumé Example
William (Bill) G. Dixon
201 Lambert Street
Brampton, Ontario L6S 9X9 
Telephone Res: (905) 310-8978
Telephone Bus: (905) 310-8645

Career Summary

Senior Marketing / Sales Manager with more than 15 years of progressive experience. Proven abilities in building the business and increasing both profit margins and market share.

Career History
1992-1995 - Molson Telecom Canada Limited 
National Account Manager — Business Development
Responsible for the business development (product development, market introduction, promotion and sales of products) associated with a specific company division. Staff included Product Managers and Product Engineers. Products included the “WILLIE” video communications terminal; Molson Telecom FAX terminals; new NORBERT terminals and PC interface hardware and software
  • Exceeded 1995 product sales target by 50%.
  • Succeeded in placing all products in all targeted customer organizations. 
  • Identified customer needs and negotiated two to four year customer purchasing contracts.
  • Delivered all new products with more than 70% profit margin.
  • Developed and implemented in-house desktop publishing solution for product brochures that saved about $10,000 per brochure.
  • Designed an innovative in-house direct advertising campaign that reduced previous traditional advertising costs by 75%.
  • Introduced an intuitive customer guide that eliminated the need for site engineering — reducing product selling price 20%.

William (Bill) G. Dixon
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1988-1992 - Molson Telecom Canada Limited 
Marketing Manager — New Products and Services
Created and marketed new products and enhancements to existing products. Staff included Product Engineers. Products and services included: Feature software for Molson Switches; PC interfaces for Molson switches; Software operating system upgrades; Systems based upon DEC PDP equipment, various trade-in and upgrade programmes, and new customer services offerings for custom software, installation and engineering.

  • Shut down unreleased product under development and still made $1 million dollar profit.
  • Conceived completely new product that increased sales more than $1 million per year.
  • Invented and launched a new customer service that increased sales more than $2 million per year (and took the sales directly from the competition).
  • Shortened the customer quotation cycle time from seven days to two days by instilling cooperation between sales, marketing and engineering groups.
  • Developed and introduced new (software) enhancements to existing products with profit margins exceeding 80%.

1983-1988 - Molson Telecom Canada Limited 
Sales Administration Manager — Ontario
Reporting to the Ontario Regional Sales Manager. Direct customer interface position responsible for administration of more than $200 million in yearly sales. Products included Molson Digital (1000, 2500 and Cellular) switching systems. 

  • Met with customers on application of their purchasing budgets
  • Documented and closed upcoming sales opportunities by ensuring customer needs were met before, during and after the sales cycle.
  • Provided statistics on past sales and views on future sales.
  • Introduced new products to the customer with assistance from marketing.
  • Produced the three year business plan forecast (yearly).
  • Arranged for the amicable collection of outstanding billings from customer.
  • Installed the first sales office PC in Canada. Conceived and wrote the first computer program for estimating jobs and forecasting sales. Program was subsequently adopted across Canada and is still in use
William (Bill) G. Dixon
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Prior to 1983 - Molson Telecom Canada Limited
Sales Administration Specialist — Canada
Engineering Cost and Performance Estimator
Systems Engineer


Queen’s University - Executive Development Program (1995)
Nova Scotia Tech - B Eng (1967)
Mount Allison University B Sc (1965)

Professional Development

Acc-Pac Integrated Accounting (1993)
Project Management (1990)
Partnership Selling (1990)
Xerox Sell and Excel (1987)
Salesmanship (Sheridan 1982)
Human Relations (Sheridan 1981)

Computer and Technical Courses

Ventura Publisher 4 (1995)
Wireless Communications (CT2E) (1994)
Advertising Type Style (1993)
MS Excel (1993)
MS Word  (1993)
Molson Norbert (1990)
ISDN (1989)
Molson GL-1
WordPerfect (1988)
GEM (1988)
Molson Digital Centrex (1987)


Computers, Classical Music, Gardening


Married, 12 year old son
Covering Letter (To a Recruiter) Example
William (Bill) G. Dixon
201 Lambert Street
Brampton, Ontario L6S 9X9 
Telephone Res: (905) 310-8978
Telephone Bus: (905) 310-8645

June 24, 1995

Alan B. Jones
Yellowbird Executive Search
249 Fourth Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M1P 1J4
Subject: Senior Marketing Management Positions
Dear Alan:
Thank you for taking the time to talk with me on the phone today. As I mentioned,  most recently as the National Account Manager, Business Development and in previous roles for Molson Telecom I was accountable for the successful Canadian marketing of telecommunications products, software and services. My last salary at Molson was approximately $84K plus benefits.
Over the past fifteen years I played a major role as part of the sales and marketing team that increased the company’s Canadian market share from about 75% to more than 90%. I attribute my past accomplishments to an enthusiastic and innovative approach.  I already have an established network of telecommunications customers, distributors and end-users in Ontario and coast to coast in Canada. My knowledge of computerized marketing tools is second to none, and should your clients find the need for it, I can read, write and converse in both English and French.
Because of my experience I’d like to be considered for any of the following telecommunications industry marketing management jobs:
Account Management including technical account management
Business (Customer) Development
Marketing Communications / Advertising / Promotion
New Product Development / Product or Brand Management (senior positions)
My preference is to work in the Metro Toronto area but I would consider offers that could involve the relocation to another Canadian city 
I’m an experienced professional who consistently delivers results and exceeds objectives. I look forward to speaking with you again, on how I can add to the success of one of your clients.
Sincerely yours

Bill Dixon