The Ultimate Twisted Tunes Collection - 1948-1981
384 45 RPM Recordings by 302 Artists

Featuring CBs, choppers, cocaine, dames, death row, drinking, drugs, escape, gambling, Gov Wallace, hippies, LSD, Martians, middle age, misery, prison, smoking weed, squaws, rigs and more. This ain't no Dr. Demento list.

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The List

Allred, Wanda - Skid Row Girl.jpg Anderson, Keith - LSD.jpg Averick, Moe - Middle Age Hippie Blues.jpg

Allen, Rex - Don't Go Near the Indians ~ 1962#17 Stereo TW
Allen, Rex - You Put Me Here ~ 1961#NC Mono TW
Allred, Wanda - Skid Row Girl - 1969#NC CD Mono TW
Ancel, Kenny - Teenage Honeymoon ~ 1962#NC Mono TW
Anderson, Bill - Dead or Alive - 1959#NC CD Mono TW
Anderson, Keith and the Ohio Boys - Locked Up Again ~ 1961#NC CD Mono TW
Annette Funicello - Teenage Wedding ~ 1962#NC CD Mono TW
Ashley, John - The Net ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Austin, Wendell - LSD ~ 1968#NC CD Mono TW
Averick, Moe - Middle Age Hippie Blues ~ 1977#NC CD Mono TW

Barton, Billy - Wanted Man.jpg Bill & Bink - Bed Bug Boogie.jpg Browning, Bill and The Dark Hollow Boys - Marbone Swamp.jpg

Bacon, Charles (Shorty) - One Gallus Brown ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Bailey, Don - Fourteen Stories Down ~ 1966#NC Mono TW
Barks, Houston - A Stranger (Tore My Castle Down) ~ 1958#NC Mono TW
Barlow, Jack - Step Down ~ 1962#NC Mono TW
Barnes, Benny - Diesel Smoke ~ 1966#NC CD Mono TW
Barnette, Bobby - Graveyard Dance ~ 1966#NC Mono TW
Barons - A Year and a Day ~ 1954#NC CD Mono TW
Barth, Stinson - The Story of My Wife ~ 1962#NC Mono TW
Barton, Billy - A Wanted Man ~ 1961#NC CD Mono TW
Beatty, E C - Ski King ~ (59-10-12 #50) Mono TW
Benson, Curley Ray - The Prison Blues ~ 1969#NC Mono TW
Berry, Mike & the Outlaws - Tribute To Buddy Holly ~ 1961#NC Mono TW
Bill & Bink - Bed Bug Boogie ~ 1958#NC CD Mono TW
Blackwell, Russ 'Big Daddy' - The Little Monster ~ 1970#NC Mono TW
Blankenship Brothers - Lonesome Old Jail ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Blassie, Fred - Pencil Neck Geek ~ 1975#NC Stereo TW
Blythe, Sterling - You Picked Up A Stranger ~ 1968#NC Mono TW
Bond, Johnny - Hell's Angels ~ 1966#NC Mono TW
Bond, Johnny - The Tijuana Jail ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Boogaloo & His Gallant Crew - Cops and Robbers ~ 1956#NC Mono TW
Boone, Pat - Moody River ~1961#1 Stereo ~ 1963#NC CD Mono TW
Boulevards - Delores ~ 1958#NC CD Mono TW
Boulevards - Hole in the Wall ~ 1958#NC CD Mono TW
Bowman, Don - Giddy Up Donut ~ 1966#NC Mono TW
Bowman, Don - The San Francisco Scene ~ 1968#NC Mono TW
Bowman, Ralph - Tragedy Of School Bus 27 ~ 1958#NC Mono TW
Braddock, Bobby - Gear Bustin Sort of a Feller ~ 1967#NC CD Mono TW
Brooks, Earl - Thirteen Minutes (In Death Row) ~ 1965#NC Mono TW
Brown, Billy - Drunk-Drunk Again ~ 1955#NC Mono TW
Brown. J.W. - Drunk ~ 1956#NC Mono TW
Brown, Hylo - Sad Prison Song ~ 1964#NC Mono TW
Browning, Bill and The Dark Hollow Boys - Marbone Swamp ~ 1967#NC CD Mono TW
Bruce, Jesse - Demon Of Jealousy ~ 1966#NC Mono TW
Buckett, Johnny - Hippie in a Blunder ~ 1968#NC CD Mono TW

Buckett, Johnny - Hippie in a Blunder.jpg Carr, Wynona - Please Mr Jailer.jpg Carroll, Chesley - Hippie From Mississippi.jpg

Cadets - Car Crash ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Carlisle, Bill - Doctor R.D. ~ 1966#NC Mono TW
Carlisle, Bill - Tiny Space Man ~ 1957#NC CD Mono TW
Carr, Wynona - Please Mr. Jailer ~ 1956#NC CD Mono TW
Carroll, Cathy - Jimmy Love ~ 1961#NC CD Mono TW
Carroll, Chesley - Hippie from Mississippi ~ 1970#NC CD Mono TW
Carter, Bill - Shot Four Times and Dying ~ 1961#NC CD Mono TW
Carter, Jim - Jailer Jailer - 1963#NC Mono TW
Casanova, Tony - Diary Of A High School Bride ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Casanova, Tony - The Grave ~ 1958#NC Mono TW
Cash, Johnny - Don't Take Your Guns To Town ~ 1958#32 Stereo TW
Chandler, Wayland - Cold Cold Grave ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Chargers - The Counterfeiter ~ 1958#NC CD Mono TW
Charles, Harry - By the Gun ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Charles & the Guitar Rockers - Chicken Thief ~ 19655#NC Mono TW
Cheers - Black Denim Trousers And Motorcycle Boots ~ 1956#6 Mono TW
Cheers - Chicken ~ 1956#NC Mono TW
Clark, Sanford - Go On Home ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Clark, Sanford - It's Nothing to Me ~ 1966#NC CD Mono TW
Clark, Sanford - Run Boy Run ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Clingman, Loy - It's Nothing To Me ~ 1957#NC Mono TW
Cobb, Danny - Hey Mr. Warden ~ 1956#NC CD Mono TW
Cochran, Eddie - Three Stars ~ 1966#NC Mono TW
Cochran, Wayne - Last Kiss ~ 1961#NC Mono TW
Coffman, Van - A Place Called Misery ~ 1968#NC CD Mono TW
Cole, Sonny - Truck Drivers Hell ~ 1965#NC Mono TW
Colyer, Ken Skiffle Group - Down Bound Train ~ 1956#NC Mono TW
Compton, Bill - Gov. Wallace's Crusade ~ 1964#NC CD Mono TW
Cook, Jack - My Evil Mind ~ 1963#NC Mono TW
Cooksy, Wild Bill - Mississippi Hippie ~ 1972#NC CD Mono TW
Coronets - Crime Doesn't Pay ~ 1955#NC CD Mono TW
Country Johnny Mathis - Caryl Chessman ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Countryman, Freddy - Cocaine Blues ~ 1969#NC CD Mono TW
Cousin Jody 'n Odie - Television Set ~ 1956#NC CD Mono TW
Cousin Jody - Lady Cop ~ 1958#NC CD Mono TW
Cowboy Slim & the Clem Brothers - Huntsville Walls ~ 1969#NC Mono TW
Crane, Troy - Texas Huntsville Prison Blues ~ 1973#NC Mono TW
Crockett, Howard - I Got Stripes ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Cross, Jimmy - I Want My Baby Back ~ 1965#92 CD Mono TW
Curless, Dick - Chick Inspector ~ 1973#NC Mono TW
Curless, Dick The Iceman ~ 1975#NC Mono TW
Curtis, Sonny - Red Headed Stranger ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Cymbal, Johnny - The Water Was Red ~ 1961#108 CD Stereo TW

Carter, Bill - Shot Four Times.jpg Clark, Sanford - Its Nothing To Me.jpg Coffman, Van - A Place Called Misery.jpg

Davis, Charlie 'Boogie Woogie' - San Quentin Bait ~ 1947#NC Mono TW
Davis, Steve - Lifetimer ~ 1963#NC Mono TW
Day, Curley - Sorrow City 1963 ~ 1963#NC Stereo TW
Dean & Gene - Jail Break - 1960#NC Mono TW
Dean, Jimmy - Big Bad John ~ 1961#1 Stereo TW
Dean, Al - Hangman ~ 1970#NC Mono TW
Dee, Robb - The Prom ~ 1963#NC Mono TW
Dee, Tommy - Ballad of the Drag Race ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Dee, Tommy - The Chair ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Delton, Joey - Slippin' Slidin' & Fightin' ~ 1965#NC Mono TW
Dill, Danny - He's Biding His Time ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Dill, Danny - Partners ~ 1959#NC CD Mono TW
Dillard, Varetta - I Miss You Jimmy ~ 1956#NC Mono TW
Dinning, Mark - The Pickup ~ 1962#NC Mono TW
Dinning, Mark - Teen Angel ~ 1960#1 CD Stereo TW
Don & Tony - Prisoner's Tears ~ 1968#NC Mono TW
Downey, Mort (Doc) Jr. - Ballad of Billy Brown ~ 1961#NC Mono TW
Drake, Guy - The Marching Hippies ~ 1971#NC Mono TW
Draper, Rusty - Held for Questioning ~ 1956#50 CD Mono TW
Draper, Rusty - Seven Come Eleven ~L1957#NC Mono TW
Duncan, Doodle - Death Row ~ 1960#NC Mono TW

Compton, Bill - Gov. Wallace's Crusade.jpg Cooksy, Wild Bill - Mississippi Hippie.jpg Countryman, Freddy - Cocaine Blues.jpg

Edwards, Tom - Cook County Jail ~ 1972#NC CD Stereo TW
Ester, Sydney - UFO On Farm Road 318 ~ 1960#NC CD Mono TW
Everly Brothers - Down In The WIllow Garden ~ 1958#NC Mono TW
Everly Brothers - Ebony Eyes ~ 1961#8 CD Stereo TW
Everly Brothers - I'm Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail ~ 1962#76 CD Mono TW
Everly Brothers - Take A Message To Mary ~ 1960#16 Mono TW

Cousin Jody - Lady Cop.jpg Cross, Jimmy - I Want My Baby Back.jpg Dill, Danny  -  Partners.jpg

Faile, Tommy - The Rest of My Life ~ 1960#NC CD Mono TW
Falcons - Sent Up ~ 1957#NC CD Mono TW
Farlow, Stan - Hot Wheels ~ 1970#NC CD Stereo TW
Fatima - Squaw Girl ~K1961#NC CD Mono TW
Fell, Terry & the Fellers - Truck Driving Man ~K1954#NC CD Mono TW
Fell, Terry - Child Bride ~ 1958#NC CD Mono TW
Fitzgerald, Jim - A Day on the Highway Patrol ~K1965#NC CD Mono TW
Five Keys - Come Go My Bail Louise ~K1953#NC CD Mono TW
Flatt, Lester - I Can't Tell the Boys from the Girls ~ 1971#NC CD Stereo TW
Foster, Stanley C - Old Junk Rig ~ 1967#NC CD Mono TW
Four Freshmen - Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring ~ 1961#NC Mono TW
Fox, Eugene - Sinner's Dream ~ 1954#NC Mono TW
Freeman, Bud - Because Of LSD ~ 1966#NC Mono TW
Frizzell, Lefty - Long Black Veil ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Fryfogle, Bob - Six Feet Under ~ 1964#NC Mono TW
Fulton, Sonny - Locked Up ~ 1961#NC CD Mono TW
Fury, Billy - Don't Jump ~ 1962#NC Mono TW

Draper, Rusty - Seven Come Eleven.jpg Edwards, Tom - Cook County Jail.jpg Ester, Sydney - On Farm Road 318.jpg

Gallop, Frank - Ballad of Irving ~ 1966#34 Stereo TW
Garmon, Bob - Lumber City ~ 1967#NC Mono TW
Gibbons, Luke - Prisoner's Promise - 1963#NC Mono TW
Gibbons, Luke - Queen of Skid Row ~ 1963#NC Mono TW
Gleaves, Cliff - Long Black Hearse ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Green, Forest and the Rangers - Poverty ~ 1966#NC CD Mono TW
Greenburg, Steve - Big Bruce ~ 1969#97 CD Mono TW
Guitar, Johnny - Twenty Years - 1964#NC Mono TW

Faile, Tommy - The Rest Of My Life.jpg Falcons - Sent Up.jpg Fatima - Squaw Girl.jpg

Hall, Connie - The Bottle or Me ~ 1959#NC CD Mono TW
Hall, Gene - Monkey on the Moon - 1962#NC Mono TW
Hall, Tom T - A Week In a County Jail ~ 1969#NC Stereo TW
Hamilton, George IV - Tremble ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Hampton, Paul - Two Hour Honeymoon ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Hansard, Kirk - Nudist Colony ~ 1973#NC CD Stereo TW
Hare, Pat - I'm Gonna Murder My Baby ~ 1954#NC Mono TW
Harless, Smokey - A Place for Them Called Hell ~ 1969#NC CD Mono TW
Hart, Freddy - The Wall ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Hart, Rod & The Nashville Addix - Blind Viet Nam Vet ~ 1969#NC Mono TW
Hart, Rod - C.B. Savage ~ 1976#67 Stereo TW
Hatcher, Lum - Behind the Fear - 1966#NC Mono TW
Hatcher, Lum - White Lightning ‘N Excess ~ 1966#NC Mono TW
Hayes, Bill - Message From James Dean (Danger, Danger, Danger)~ 1956#NC Mono TW
Hayseeders - Alcatraz ~ 1955#NC Mono TW
Hazelwood, Lee with Duane Eddy - Girl on Death Row ~ 1960#NC CD Mono TW
Heller, Horace - Ed's Place ~ 1958#NC Mono TW
Heller, Horace - Hello World - 1958#NC Mono TW
Henry, John - Black Curse ~ 1985#NC Mono TW
Henson, Curley - Wichita Nell ~ 1962#NC CD Mono TW
Hess, Bennie - Walking Last Mile ~ 1958#NC Mono TW
Hess, Troy - Please Don't Go Topless Mother - 1972#NC Mono TW
Hi Fi Guys - Rock 'n' Roll Killed My Mother ~ 1957#NC Mono TW
Hi-Fidelities - Help Murder Police ~ 1957#NC Mono TW
Hill, Jaycee - Crash Out ~ 1956#NC Mono TW
Hill, Tommy - Walls Of Stone ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Hinson, Don - The Protest Singer ~ 1966#NC CD Mono TW
Hitchcock, Alfred - Music To Be Murdered By ~ 1958#NC Mono TW
Hitchcock, Stan - Ole Bad ~ 1964#NC CD Stereo TW
Holloway, Stanley - Sweeney Todd The Barber ~ 1956#NC Mono TW
Holt, Lonnie - Overton Hanging ~ 1969#NC Mono TW
Homer And Jethro - Hillbilly Hippie ~ 1968#NC Mono TW
Honeyboy - Blood Stains on the Wall ~ 1953#NC Mono TW
Hood, Bob - It's Nothin' to Me ~ 1964#NC Mono TW
Horne, Lena - Frankie And Johnny ~ 1953#NC Mono TW
Horton, Robert - Sail Ho! ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Howard & the True Tones - Harlan County ~ 1968#NC Mono TW
Howell, Lloyd - Truck Drivin' Jack ~ 1967#NC CD Mono TW
Huff, Carol - Diesel Drivin' Devil - 1971#NC Mono TW
Huff, Charles - Legend of the Hole (In the Ground) ~ 1967#NC CD Mono TW
Hughes, Jeff - Our Spaceman Did Come Back ~ 1962#NC CD Mono TW
Hunt, Billy - Welcome Touch of Death ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Husky, Ferlin - The Drunken Driver ~ 1954#NC Mono TW

Fell, Terry - Childbride.jpg \Five Keys - Come Go My Bail Louise.jpg Fulton, Sonny - Locked Up.jpg

Ingle, Red - Cigarettes, Whiskey & Wild Women ~ 1948#NC CD Mono TW
Inman, Autry - Ballad Of Two Brothers ~ 1968#NC Mono TW
Inman, Autry - Vietnam Blues ~ 1968#NC Mono TW
Innis, Louie - Suicide ~ 1953#NC Mono TW
Irving, Lonnie - Truckers Vitus ~ 1960#NC CD Mono TW

Green, Forest and the Rangers - Poverty2.jpg Greenburg, Steve - Big Bruce.jpg Hall, Connie - The Bottle Or Me.jpg

Jackson, Stonewall - Life to Go ~ 1959#CW CD Stereo TW
Jackson, Stonewall - Run ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
James, Sonny - Running Bear ~ 1969#94 Stereo TW
Jan & Dean - Dead Man's Curve ~ 1964#8 CD Stereo TW
Jay, Karl - Unemployment Line ~ 1963#NC Mono TW
Jayhawks - The Creature ~ 1961#NC CD Mono TW
Jensen, Kris - Torture ~ 1962#20 CD Stereo TW
Jerry & Brad - The People Hater ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Joey and Danny - Rats In My Room ~ 1963#NC CD Mono TW
Johnson, Benny - Burn Your Bra Baby ~ 1973#NC CD Mono TW
Johnson, Big Bill - Beer Belly Blues ~ 1969#NC Mono TW
Johnson, Jeff - Doin' My Time ~ 1962#NC Mono TW
Jones, Buck - A Box of Grass ~ 1971#NC CD Mono TW
Jones, George - Who Shot Sam ~ 1959#93 Mono TW
Jordan, Louis - 65 Bars ~ 1965#NC CD Mono TW
Joy, Benny - Dark Angel ~ 1958#NC Mono TW

Hall, Tom T - A Week In a County Jail.jpg Harless, Smokey - A Place For Them Called Hell.jpg Hart, Rod - C.B. Savage.jpg

Kandy, Jim - Cocaine Blues ~ 1965#NC Mono TW
Karen, Kenny - Susie Forgive Me ~ 1962#NC Mono TW
Keeter, Hal - Tony the Tiny Texan ~ 1969#NC Mono TW
Kennedy, Ginny - Miss Irene. ~ 1970#NC Mono TW
Kent, George - The Baltimore Incident ~ 1968#NC Mono TW
Kessner, Jake - Big Black Mack ~ 1966#NC CD Mono TW
Kilgore, Merle - Lover's Hell ~ 1961#NC Mono TW
Kimball, Stanley - No Return ~ 1965#NC Mono TW
Kingston Trio - Everglades ~ 1960#NC Stereo TW
Kingston Trio - Tom Dooley ~ 1958#1 CD Mono TW
Kirby, Larry - Country-Western Hippy ~ 1968#NC CD Mono TW
Knepp, 1st Lt Don - Bad Breath Carl ~ 1964#NC CD Mono TW
Knight, Sonny - But Officer ~ 1959#NC CD Mono TW
Knight, Sonny - Jail Bird ~ 1956#NC CD Mono TW
Knox, Buddy - I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself ~ 1959#55 CD Mono TW

Henson, Curley - Wichita Nell.jpg Huff, Charles - Legend Of Hole (In The Ground).jpg Ingle, Red  & the Natural 7 - Cigarettes, Whiskey And Wild Women.jpg

Lankford, Truman - Freightliner Fever ~ 1970#NC CD Stereo TW
Larry & The Blue Notes - Night Of The Sadist ~ 1966#NC Mono TW
Larson, Jack - Roaches ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Lavelley, Doug - 190 More Days ~ 1965#NC Mono TW
Lawson, Jimmy - C.B. Chant ~ 1977#NC CD Mono TW
Lee, Bob - Wanted For Questioning ~ 1957#NC Mono TW
Lee, Dickey - Laurie (Strange Things Happen) ~ 1965#14 CD Stereo TW
Lee, Dickey - Patches ~ 1962#6 CD Mono TW
Lee, Katie - Insane ~ 1962#NC Mono TW
Lee, Laura - Tell Tommy I Miss Him ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Leeds, Bobby - Suicide ~ 1963#NC Mono TW
Lehrer, Tom - I Hold Your Hand In Mine ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Lehrer, Tom - The Masochism Tango ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Lehrer, Tom - The Old Dope Peddler ~ 1953#NC Mono TW
Leonard, Jack - A Visit from the Devil ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Lewis, Hugh - Bloody Harlan ~ 1960#NC CD Mono TW
Lewis, Jerry Lee - Ballad Of Billy Joe ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Leyton, John - Johnny Remember Me ~ 1961#NC Mono TW
Leyton, John - Tell Laura I Love Her ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Little Carolyn Sue - I Hate Men ~ 1963#NC CD Mono TW
Lone X - Rubber Doll ~ 1966#NC Mono TW
Lordan, Jerry - Man On My Trail ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Louvin Brothers - Knoxville Girl ~ 1956#NC Stereo TW
Lowe, Dave - Evil Angel - 1959#NC Mono TW
Luman, Bob - Let's Think About Living ~ 1960#7 CD Stereo TW
Lumberjack, The - Hell Bound Train ~ 1965#NC Mono TW

Jackson, Stonewall - Life To Go.jpg Jones, Buck - A Box Of Grass.jpg Jordan, Louis - 65 Bars .jpg

Magic Sam - 21 Days in Jail ~ 1969#NC Mono TW
Marchan, Bobby - There Is Something On Your Mind ~ 1960#31 Mono TW
Martin, Kenny Lee - One Night Stand ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Mask, James - I Miss My Teen Angel ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Mattson, Bart - Love Slave ~ 1958#NC Mono TW
May, Honey - Suicide ~ 1966#NC Mono TW
McLean, Phil - Small Sad Sam ~ 1962#21 CD Mono TW
McNasty, Filthy - Ice Man ~ 1970#NC Mono TW
McWilliams, David - Days of Pearly Spencer ~ 1968#134 Stereo TW
Merritt, Neal - I Like to Booze It ~ 1968#NC CD Mono TW
Michaels, Marilyn - Tell Tommy I Miss Him ~ 1960#110 Mono TW
Millay, Ginny - Juke Box on the Moon ~ 1961#NC CD Mono TW
Miller, Hoyle - Twelve Years on Death Row ~ 1967#NC Mono TW
Miller, Little Smokey - Cotton Patch ~ 1966#NC CD Mono TW
Minor, Jimmy - Death Row ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Mitchum, Robert - Ballad of Thunder Road ~ 1958#62 Mono TW
Mobley, Eddie - Cancer Stick ~ 1972#NC CD Mono TW
Monroe, Vaughn - Riders In The Sky ~ 1949#1 Mono TW
Montague, Roy - Life To Go ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Morningstar, Jackie - Rockin' In The Graveyard ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Morris, Lamar - The Fugitive ~ 1965#NC Mono TW
Mullins, Dee - Prison Grey ~ 1962#NC Mono TW
Mystics - Star Crossed Lovers ~ 1961#NC Mono TW

Kessner, Jake - Big Black Mack.jpg Kirby, Larry - Country-Western Hippy.jpg Knepp, 1st Lt Don  - Bad Breath Carl.jpg

Napoleon XIV - They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! ~ 1966#3 CD Stereo TW
Naylor, Jerry - You're Thirteen ~ 1961#NC CD Mono TW
Nelson, Ricky - Gloomy Sunday ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Nervous Norvus (Jimmy Drake) - Transfusion ~ 1956#8 Mono TW
Nervous Norvus (Jimmy Drake) - Wild Dogs of Kentucky ~ 1956#NC Mono TW
Nesbitt, Jim - Please Mr. Kennedy ~ 1961#NC Mono TW
Newton, Fred - The City Jail ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Noack, Eddie - Invisible Stripes ~ 1968#NC CD Mono TW
Nolan, Dick - Six Days on the Road ~ 1964#CA CD Mono TW
Nolan, Dick - Truck Driving Man ~ 1964#CA CD Mono TW

Knight, Sonny - But Officer.jpg Lawson, Jimmy - C.B. Chant.jpg Lewis, Hugh - Bloody Harlan.jpg

Ochs, Phil - I Ain't Marching Anymore ~ 1965#NC Stereo TW
Osborne, Jimmie - Death Of Little Kathy Fiscus ~ 1949#NC Mono TW
Otis, Johnny - Court Room Blues ~ 1950#NC Mono TW
Outro - Diary Of A Mass Murderer ~ 1981#NC Mono TW

Little Carolyn Sue - I Hate Men.jpg McLean, Phil - Small Sad Sam.jpg Merritt, Neal - I Like to Booze It.jpg

Page, Patti - One Of Us (Will Weep Tonight) ~ 1960#31 CD Stereo TW
Parker, Bud - Iron Worker's Lament ~ 1968#NC CD Mono TW
Patton, Jimmy - Preacher and a Girl in the Night ~ 1965#NC Mono TW
Payne, Leon - A Prisoner's Diary ~ 1956#NC Mono TW
Pearson, Ronnie - Legend of The Street Fighter ~ 1960#NC CD Mono TW
Penny, Hank - The Strong Black Man ~ 1970#NC CD Mono TW
Peterson, Ray - Tell Laura I Love Her ~ 1960#7 Stereo TW
Peyton, Bill - Don't Smoke In Bed ~ 1970#NC Mono TW
Phillips, Phil - The Evil Dope ~ 1968#NC Mono TW
Phillips, Ray - Twenty Cigarettes ~ 1960#NC CD Mono TW
Pillow, Ray - Volkswagen ~ 1966#NC CD Mono TW
Pine, Glen - Robbed of Life by a Drunken Wife ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Piper, Jimmie - Bonfire ~ 1981#NC CD Mono TW
Powers, Jackie - Lonesome Heebie Jeebies ~ 1963#NC Mono TW
Preston, Johnny - Running Bear ~ 1959#1 Stereo TW
Preston, Rudy - Mud Creek Bottom ~ 1962#NC Mono TW
Preston, Rudy - Poor White Trash ~ 1966#NC CD Mono TW
Price, Johnny - Marijuana the Devil Flower ~ 1972#NC CD Mono TW
Price, Lloyd - Stagger Lee ~ 1959#1 Stereo TW

Mobley, Eddie - Cancer Stick.jpg Naylor, Jerry - Youre Thirteen.jpg Noack, Eddie - Invisible Stripes.jpg

Rainwater, Marvin - Tears ~ 1972#NC Mono TW
Ratliff, Bo - Drunk on the Street ~ 1967#NC Mono TW
Ray, Billy - The Story Of Suzie ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Red River Dave - California Hippie Murders ~ 1970#NC Mono TW
Reeves, Jack - Gunslinger ~ 1962#NC CD Mono TW
Reynolds, J.R. - The Devil Got My Deanna ~ 1969#NC Mono TW
Reynolds, Jody - A Tear for Jesse ~ 1963#NC Mono TW
Reynolds, Jody - Endless Sleep ~ 1958#NC Mono TW
Ritchey, Buck - The Slave ~ 1974#NC Stereo TW
Robb, Dee - The Prom ~ 1963#NC Mono TW
Robbins, Marty - Big Iron ~ 1960#26 CD Stereo TW
Robbins, Marty - El Paso ~ 1960#1 CD Stereo TW
Roberts, Dennis - Prison Bound ~ 1965#NC Mono TW
Roberts, Vince - Stars Guitar ~ 1969#NC Mono TW
Robins, The - Riot in Cell Block #9 ~ 1954#NC CD Mono TW
Robins, The - Ten Days in Jail ~ 1953#NC CD Mono TW
Rocketeers - Gonna Feed My Baby Poison ~ 1953#NC Mono TW
Rogers, Kelly - Topless Bathing Suit ~ 1964#NC Mono TW
Rolling Crew - Home on Alcatraz ~ 1955#NC Mono TW
Ronnie & Lynda - He's a Good Boy ~ 1965#NC Mono TW
Rose, Julian - The Rumor ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Royal, Bill - Caffeine, Nicotine and Gasoline ~ 1968#NC Mono TW
Royal, Johnny - Lover Boy ~ 1965#NC Mono TW

Pearson, Ronnie - Legend of The Street Fighter.jpg Penny, Hank - The Strong Black Man.jpg Phillips, Ray   Twenty Cigarettes.jpg

Scott, Neil - Bobby ~ 1961#58 CD Mono TW
Scott, Sandi - Fist City ~ 1968#NC Mono TW
Scott, Tommy & Scotty Lee - Exorcism ~ 1975#NC Mono TW
Sea, Johnny – Day For Decision ~ 1966#35 CD Stereo TW
Sellers, Peter - A Shot in the Dark ~ 1964#NC Mono TW
Sellers, Peter - Granpa's Grave ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Shangri-Las - Leader of the Pack ~1964#1 CD Stereo TW
Shangri-Las - Remember (Walking in the Sand) ~1964#5 CD Stereo TW
Shannon, Del - The Prom ~ 1961#NC Mono TW
Simpson, Red - I'm A Truck ~ 1972#NC CD Mono TW
Singleton, Margie - Jesus Is My Pusher ~ 1974#NC Mono TW
Slim O'Mary - Ghost Of Henry Wells ~ 1964#NC Mono TW
Snyder, Harry - The Needle ~ 1966#NC Mono TW
Stanley Brothers - No School Bus In Heaven ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Starr, Johnny - Lewisburg Prison ~ 1965#NC CD Mono TW
Starr, Johnny - Little Brown Baby - 1972#NC Mono TW
Steele, Larry - Little Jimmy ~ 1966#NC CD Mono TW
Stone, Ray - Twenty-One Men ~ 1959#NC CD Mono TW
Stoneman, Scottie - The Martian Band ~ 1968#NC Mono TW
Stovall, Vern - Long Black Limousine ~ 1961#NC Mono TW
Sutherland, Ron - Psycho Gunner ~ 1974#NC Mono TW
Swanson, Bobby - (Ballad of) Angel ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Swanson, Bobby - Janie's Face ~ 1961#NC Mono TW
Swanson, Willie - Arson Carson ~ 1966#NC Mono TW
Sykes, Bobby - The Guard On The North Wall ~ 1962#NC Mono TW
Sykes, Elbert - Prisoner's Dream No.II ~ 1968#NC Mono TW

Preston, Rudy - Poor White Trash.jpg Price, Johnny - Marijuana The Devil Flower.jpg Reeves, Jack - Gunslinger.jpg

Taylor, Creed Orchestra - Wreck Of Old 97 ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Thome, Henry - Wolf Bait ~ 1962#NC Mono TW
Thompson, Leroy - A Date with Sputnik ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Till, Boots - Shadows of the Prison Bars ~ 1965#NC Mono TW
Travelin' Texans - Beatin' On The Bars ~ 1959#NC Mono TW
Turner, Jack - Little Boy Why Do You Weep ~ 1955#NC Mono TW
Turner, Jack - Nightmare ~ 1955#NC Mono TW
Tyler, Lonesome Johnny - Death Row ~ 1960#NC Mono TW
Tyler, Terry - A Thousand Feet Below ~ 1961#NC Mono TW

Robins - Ten Days In Jail.jpg Scott, Tommy & Scotty Lee - Exorcism.jpg Starr, Johnny - Lewisburg Prison.jpg

Val, Gina - Lonely Nights & Trucker's Wives ~ 1958#NC Mono TW
Veale, Cal - Paralyzed ~ 1970#NC Mono TW
Vincent, Gene - Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain ~ 1959#NC Mono TW

Steele, Larry - Little Jimmy.jpg Wells, Chuck - Down And Out.jpg White, Glenn - Scalping Knife.jpg

Walters, Elvin - God's Talent Scout - 1962#NC Mono TW
Wayne, Terry - Dinosaur Cavern ~ 1962#NC CD Mono TW
Webber, Rollie - Ballad Of Clem & Daisy June ~ 1965#NC Mono TW
Wells and Fargo - Gun Trouble ~ 1963#NC Mono TW
Wells, Chuck - Down and Out ~ 1965#NC CD Mono TW
White, Glenn - Scalping Knife ~ 1963#NC CD Mono TW
Williams, Andre - Jailbait ~ 1957#NC Mono TW
Williams, Andre - Jailhouse Blues ~ 1958#NC Mono TW
Williams, Gary - Manhunt - 1977#NC Mono TW
Williams, Gary - Walla Walla State Prison ~ 1977#NC Mono TW
Williams, Tex - Smoke Smoke Smoke (That Cigarette) ~ 1947#1 CD Mono TW
Wilson, Jackie - Think Twice ('X' Version) (with Laverne Baker) ~ 1961#NC CD Mono TW Wilson, Peanuts - Cast Iron Arm ~ 1957#NC CD Mono TW
Wilson, Tom & the Silver Spings - Lost Love ~ 1957#NC Mono ~ 1957#NC Momo TW
Woods, Bill - Truck Driving Man ~ 1962#NC CD Mono TW
Woods, Donald & the Vel Aires - Death of an Angel ~ 1955#NC CD Mono TW
Woodward, Vic & Claudia - Hippie Yippie ~ 1970#NC Mono TW
Wooley, Sheb - The Love In ~ 1967#NC CD Mono TW
Wray Brothers - Ninety Nine Years To Go ~ 1963#NC Mono TW

Wilson, Jackie - Think Twice.jpg Wooley, Sheb - The Love In.jpg Youngsters - Christmas in Jail.jpg

Yager, Mike - The Invader ~ 1968#NC Mono TW
Youngsters - Christmas in Jail ~ 1958#NC CD Mono TW

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