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Daddy Dewdrop
Nanu Nanu

Steve Dahl
Do You Think I'm Disco

Patricia Dahlquist
Bang a Boomarang $C
Keep Our Love Alive

E G Dailey
Mind Over Matter (PS)
Say It Say It $C
Some People

Dalbello / Lisa Dal Bello
Never Get To Heaven
Pretty Girls
She Wants To Know (with Bryan Adams) (Gatefold PS) 

Dick Dale

Let's Go Trippin' $Z

Dale & Grace

I'm Leaving It Up To You / Let's Stop and Think It Over $Z

Roger Daltrey
Also see the "Who"
After the Fire 
After the Fire (PS) $C
Come And Get Your Love
Free Me
Giving It All Away
Let Me Down Easy
Way of the World

Michael Damian
Cover of Love (PS)
Rock On (from film "Dream a Little Dream" )

Damian Dame
Exclusively $C
Right Down To It

Damn Yankees
Come Again
Silence Is Broken
Where You Goin' Now

Liz Damon's Orient Express
1900 Yesterday 

Vic Damone

Gigi / On the Street Where You Live $C
Do I Love You (Columbia) $C

My Heart Cries For You (Mercury) $C

Vic Dana
Call Me Irresponsible
Crystal Chandelier $D
Danger $D
I Love You Drops $C
If I Never Knew Your Name
Shangri-La $C

Dancer, Prancer & Nervous
The Happy Reindeer (Capitol) $C

D'Angelo (Michael D'Angelo Archer)
Lady $Z

Rodney Dangerfield
Rappin Rodney $D
Twist and Shout (from film "Back to School") (Small centre hole)

Jeffery Daniel
She's the Girl

Charlie Daniels Band
Devil Went Down to Georgia $Z
In America / Legend of Wooly Swamp $C
Riding With Jesse James $C

South's Gonna Do It Again / Long Haired Country Boy $C
Uneasy Rider

One Summer Night $C
One Summer Night / Wheelin' and Dealin' (Mercury) $D

Danny & Juniors

At the Hop / Rock & Roll is Here to Stay $Z
Dottie / Schoolboy Romance $C
I Feel So Horny / Sometimes (When I'm All Alone) $C

Dante & Evergreens
Alley Oop (Violet vinyl)

Terrence Trent D'Arby
Dance Little Sister (PS)
If You Let Me Stay (PS)
Sign Your Name $C
Wishing Well (PS) $Z

Fred Darian
That Lucky Old Sun (JAF) $D

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Darin 2 3 4
Bobby Darin (Walden Robert Cassotto)
Bobby suffered from rheumatic fever which weakened his heart. He was 37 when he died after a heart operation in 1973
(Preceded by our inventory number)
03 Artificial Flowers / Multiplication $D
15 Clementine / Lazy River
10 Dream Lover / If I Were a Carpenter  $Z
27 Early in the Morning / I'll Be There $D
23 Eighteen Yellow Roses / Not For Me (Capitol) $C
95 Happy / Something In Her Love (Motown) $C
If I Were a Carpenter $F
89 If I Were a Carpenter (Live version) / Mack the Knife (Live version) $C

27 I'll Be There $D
15 Lazy River
99 Long Line Rider (Direction) $C
13 Loving You / Amy (Atlantic)

08 Mack the Knife / Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey $F
91 Mack the Knife / Was There a Call For Me $D
89 Mack the Knife (Live version) $C
29 Mame (Atlantic)
03 Multiplication $D
14 Plain Jane / Loving You
01 Queen of the Hop / Splish Splash $F
01 Splish Splash $F
93 Talk To the Animals / She Knows (Atlantic)
06 Things / Jailer Bring Me Water (Atco) $D
97 Treat My Baby Good (Capitol) $C
Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey $F 
05 You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby / Things $F
24 You're the Reason I'm Living

Voice On the Radio (Small centre hole) (PS)

Larry Darnell

I’ll Get Along Somehow $Z

Darrell & Oxfords
Picture In My Wallet

James Darren

Goodbye Cruel World / Her Royal Majesty $C
Her Royal Majesty $C
Let Me Take You In My Arms Again (RCA)

Hot Pastrami $C

Barry Darvell

How Will It End $C

Das Efx
They Want EFX $Z

Dave and Sugar
Don't Throw It All Away
Door is Always Open $C
Golden Tears

Queen of the Silver Dollar $C
Stay With Me (Orange vinyl)

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
Legend of Xanadu (Small centre hole) $D
Shame $D
Zabadak $D

F R David

David & Jonathan
Michelle $C

Bob Davies
Also see "Big" Bob & the Dollars
Gordie Howe (He's the Greatest) (Used record VG) $J

Mac Davis
Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me
Everybody Loves a Love Song
Hard to Be Humble $Z
Hooked on Music $C
One Hell Of A Woman
Rock N' Roll (I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life)
Stop And Smell The Roses
Your Side Of The Bed

Martha Davis
Don't Tell Me the Time (PS)

Miles Davis
I Loves You Porgy / Ain't Necessarily So (Columbia) $C
On Green Dolphin Street

Paul Davis
Paul died of a heart attack in 2008. He was 60
Cool Night

Do Right 
I Go Crazy
I Just Wanna Keep It Together
Little Bit Of Soap
Love Or Let Me Be Lonely
Ride 'em Cowboy
'65 Love Affair
Sweet Life
Thinking of You

Sammy Davis Jr
Candy Man (Beige colour vinyl)
Don't Blame the Children
I Ain't Gonna Change (Decca) $C

I've Gotta Be Me $C
That Old Black Magic (Decca) $C

Skeeter Davis

End of the World / I Can't Stay Mad at You $C
Gonna Get Along Without You Now (RCA) $Z
How Much Can a Lonely Heart Stand (RCA) $Z

I Can't Help You I'm Falling Too / No Never (RCA) $Z
I'm Saving My Love / Somebody Else On Your Mind (RCA) $C

Spencer Davis Group
Gimme Some Lovin' / I'm A Man $Z
Keep On Running $D
Somebody Help Me $D

Tyrone Davis
Can I Change My Mind $C
Turn Back the Hands of Time

Dawn (featuring Tony Orlando)
Also see "Wind" or Tony "Orlando"
Cupid $C
He Don't Love You (Like I Love You)
I Play And Sing
Knock Three Times $C

Look In My Eyes Pretty Woman
Mornin' Beautiful
Say, Has Anyone Seen  My Sweet Gypsy Rose
Steppin' Out (Gonna Boogie Tonight)
Sweet Gypsy Rose
Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree

Who's In the Strawberry Patch With Sally
You're All I Need to Get By

Bobby Day
Blue Bird, the Buzzard And the Oriole $D
Over and Over $C
Rockin' Robin / Over and Over $Z

Doris Day
Also see Les "Brown"

Everybody Loves a Lover / It's Magic
Everybody Loves a Lover / Instant Love (Columbia) $C
Guy is a Guy (Columbia) $C
Lost in Loveliness (Columbia) $C

Party's Over (Columbia) $C

EP inc. It's Magic, Guy is a Guy, Secret Love and Whatever Will Be (PS) $D

Morris Day
Also see "Time"
Character (Small centre hole) (PS)
Color of Success (Small centre hole) (PS)
Fishnet (PS)

Good Morning Freedom $Z

Taylor Dayne
Can't Get Enough of Your Love
Don't Rush Me (PS)
Heart of Stone $C
I'll Always Love You
I'll Be Your Shelter $Z
Love Will Lead You Back $C
Prove Your Love (PS)
Send Me a Lover
Tell It To My Heart $Z
With Every Beat Of My Heart (PS)

Da Yoopers
Fishing With Fred / Da Fish Fight Song (Adult lyrics)

Dazz / Dazz Band
Let It All Blow
Let it Whip $C

Dead Kennedys
Too Drunk To Fuck (Small hole 45) $D

Dead Or Alive
Brand New Lover (Small centre hole)
Come Home With Me Baby
Lover Come Back To Me (PS)
My Heart Goes Bang (Get Me to the Doctor)
Something In My House
You Spin Me Around (Like a Record) $C

Bill Deal & Rhondells
From Portsmouth VA. Performed until Bill died in 2003. He was 59
I've Been Hurt $Z

May I
Swingin' Tight (Heritage)
What Kind of Fool Do You Think I Am (Heritage) $C

Jimmy Dean
Big Bad John / Little Black Book $C
Cajun Queen / Steel Men  $Z
Dear Ivan / Smoke Smoke Smoke That Cigarette (PS) $D
Gonna Raise a Rukus Tonight $D
I. O. U.
Little Bitty Big John $D
P. T. 109 / To a Sleeping Beauty $D

Terri Dean
Adios (Reo) $C

Dean & Jean

Hey Dean Hey Jean / Tra La La La Susie $D

Debarge / Chico DeBarge / El DeBarge
All This Love
Heart Is Not So Smart
I Like It
Love Always (PS)
Love Me In a Special Way
Rhythm Of The Night (PS)
Talk To Me
This Heart Is Not So Smart
Time Will Reveal
Who's Holding Donna Now
Who's Johnny (PS)
You Wear It Well (PS)


Chris Deburgh
Don't Pay the Ferryman $Z
Fire On the Water (PS)
High On Emotion
Lady in Red $F

Decastro Sisters
Teach Me Tonight $Z

Jimmy Dee & the Offbeats
Henrietta $F

Joey Dee & the Starlighters
Baby, You're Driving Me Crazy (Roulette) $F
Dance Dance Dance  (Roulette)  $F
Hey, Let's Twist
Hot Pastrami with Mashed Potatoes Parts 1 and 2
Peppermint Twist
Shout Parts 1 and 2
What Kind Of Love Is This

Kiki Dee Band
I've Got The Music In Me / (First Class)

Ricky Dee & the Embers
Work Out $Z

Tommy Dee With Carol Kay
Three Stars
Three Stars / I'll Never Change (Crest) $F

Power of Love

Two Occasions $Z

Deep Blue Something
Breakfast at Tiffany's $Z

Deep Forest
Sweet Lullaby (PS) $C

Deep Purple

Black Night (WB) $D
Hush / Kentucky Woman $Z
Kentucky Woman / Hard Road (Tetragrammation) $D
Knocking at Your Back Door (Polydor) $C
Might Just Take Your Life (WB) $D
River Deep-Mountain High / Listen, Learn, Read On (Tetragrammation) $D
Smoke On the Water $Z
You Can't Do It Right (WB) $C

John Deer
Battle Hymn of Lt. Calley (Royal American) $C
ater $Z

Rick Dees & His Cast Of Idiots
Barely White $D
Disco Duck
He Ate Too Many Jelly Donuts (Elvis silliness) $F

Def Leppard
Animal $C
Armageddon It
Bringing On the Heartbreak 
Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad $C
Let's Get Rocked $Z
Love Bites $C
Love Bites (Gatefold PS) $D

Make Love Like a Man
Miss You In a Heartbeat $C
Pour Some Sugar on Me $C
Rocket (PS)
Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion)
When Love and Hate Collide

Defranco Family
Abra Ca Dabra $Z
Heartbeat It's A Lovebeat 
Save the Last Dance For Me (PS) $D

Desmond Dekker & Aces (Desmond Adolphus Dacres)

One of Jamaica's biggest stars in the 1960s Desmond died of a heart attack in England in 2006 - he was 64

Sing a Little Song

Del Amitri
Always the Last to Know $Z

Delaney & Bonnie (Bramlett)
Comin' Home (with Eric Clapton) $C
Never Ending Song Of Love
Only You Know And I Know
Soul Shake
Will the Circle Be Unbroken

De La Soul
Breakadawn $Z

Convention '72 (Mainstream)

Oh Honey $D.

They sure sound a lot like the Impressions
Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) $C
He Don't Really Love You $C
I Don't Want to Make You Wait
I'm Sorry
Ready Or Not

Also see Paul "Janz"
Leaving L.A.

Deliverance Soundtrack (Eric Weisberg)
Dueling Banjos $D

The Dells had hits on the charts for 5 decades (1956-1992) and performed until 2013 when founding member Marvin Junior died in his sleep. He was 77. Also see the El-Rays
Always Together (Cadet)
Does Anybody Know I'm Here (Cadet) $Z
Dock of the Bay

Dreams Of Contentment
Give Your Baby A Standing Ovation
I Can Sing A Rainbow-Love Is Blue (Medley)
Oh What a Day
Oh What A Night (1969 version) $Z
Oh What A Nite (Original 1955 version) $C
Pain In My Heart
Stay in My Corner $C
Tell The World
There Is
Wear It On Our Face


Come Go With Me / Whispering Bells $D
Sunday Kind of Love / Over the Rainbow $Z
Whispering Bells / Don't Be a Fool $C

Reparata & Delrons
Whenever A Teenager Cries $C

After the Belmonts they sang backup for Dion on his biggest hits including Runaround Sue, The Wanderer, Donna the Prima Donna and most others
Teardrops Follow Me

Demensions / Dimensions
Over the Rainbow / Zing Went the Strings of My Heart $Z

Cathy Dennis
Just Another Dream 
Too Many Walls
Touch Me (All Night Long) $C

Martin Denny
Enchanted Sea $C
Quiet Village
Taste of Honey $Z

John Denver 

Annie's Song
Annie's Song (with Placido Domingo)
Baby You Look Good To Me Tonight
Back Home Again
Cowboy and the Lady

Fly Away $C
Friends With You
How Can I Leave You Again
I'm Sorry / Calypso
Like a Sad Song $C
Looking For Space
Love Again
My Sweet Lady
Perhap's Love (with Placido Domingo)
Rocky Mountain High / Spring $C
Shanghai Breezes
Some Days Are Diamonds
Sunshine On My Shoulders $Z
Sweet Surrender / Summer
Take Me Home Country Roads / Poems Prayers & Promises $Z
Thank God I'm a Country Boy $D

Rhapsody in Blue (PS)
Theme From 2001 (Also Sprach Zarathustra) 

Depeche Mode
Barrel of a Gun
Behind the Wheel
I Feel You 
It's No Good $C
Master and Servant (PS) $Z
People Are People
People Are People (PS) $C
Personal Jesus $Z
Policy of Truth $Z
Question of Lust
Shake the Disease (PS) $C
Walking In My Shoes

Also see Johnny "Cymbal"
Back Door Man $D
Inside Out - Outside In $D

Derek & Dominos
Also see Eric "Clapton"
Layla / I Am Yours (Polydor) $Z

Rick Derringer
Also see the "McCoys"
Hang On Sloopy $C
Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo
Teenage Love Affair

Teri Desario (& K.C & the Sunshine Band)
Caught (RSO)
Yes I'm Ready $C

Jackie DeShannon

I Can Make It With You
Lifetime of Loneliness
Love Will Find a Way
Needles And Pins
Put a Little Love in Your Heart $C
Vanilla 'Olay
Weight $Z
What The World Needs Now Is Love
When You Walk in the Room $C

Des'ree (Des'ree Weeks)
You Gotta Be $D

Candy / Oh Darlin'

Leader Of The Laundromat

Detroit Emeralds
Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms) $C
Do Me Right $C
Heaven Couldn't Be Like This
Whatcha Gonna Wear Tomorrow
You Want It You Got It $C

Don Devaney
Canadian Girls

William Devaughn
Be Thankful For What You've Got $C

Hanging On A Heart Attack (PS) $C

Mink DeVille

Each Word's a Beat of My Heart $Z

Doctor Detroit (Theme From)
Through Being Cool
Whip It $C
Working In The Coal Mine

Barry DeVorzon / Perry Botkin Jr
Also see "Barry" and the Tamerlanes
Nadia's Theme (The Young and the Restless)

Rip Van Winkle / I Love You For Sentimental Reasons
Snow White / Sunday Kind Of Love

Dexy's Midnight Runners
Come On Eileen $C

Cliff DeYoung
Call Me (PS) $C
Desert Moon $C
My Sweet Lady $C

Dennis DeYoung
Call Me (PS)
Dear Darling (I'll Be There)
Desert Moon / Don't Wait For Heros $Z

Diablos / Nolan Strong & the Diablos

The Wind $Z

Neil Diamond

Neil sold more than 150 Million LPs in his career
(Preceded by our inventory number)

38 Be
91 Be Mine Tonight
11 Beautiful Noise
07 Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show $Z
15 Cherry Cherry $C
03 Crackling Rosie $C
10 Desiree
23 Do It (Bang) $F
05 Done Too Soon $Z
98 Don't Think . . . Feel $C
12 Forever in Blue Jeans $C
81 Front Page Story (PS) $C

15 Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon $C
96 Good Lord Loves You
25 Hanky Panky / New Orleans $Z
03 He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother $C
53 Headed For The Future
43 Heartlight $Z 
47 Hello Again $C
01 Holly Holy
05 I Am I Said $Z
24 I Got The Feelin' (Bang) $D
51 I'm Alive
45 If You Know What I Mean (PS)
21 I'm A Believer (Bang)
18 I Thank The Lord For The Night Time  $Z
49 I've Been This Way Before $C
83 Last Picasso
55 Last Thing on My Mind 
97 Long Way Home (Bang) $F
37 Longfellow Serenade
27 Love on the Rocks $Z
48 On the Way To the Sky (PS)
19 Red Red Wine / Red Rubber Ball (Bang) $D
93 Say Maybe
39 September Morn $C
20 Shilo / La Bamba $C
95 Sleep With Me Tonight
22 Solitary Man (Bang) $Z
09 Song Song Blue $C
02 Soolaimon
29 Stones
08 Sweet Caroline $Z
79 Sunday Sun (Uni) $C
08 Sweet Caroline $Z
18 Thank The Lord For The Night Time  $Z
99 This Time
94 Turn Around
89 Two Bit Manchild $D
31 Walk On Water
41 Yesterday's Songs $C

Diamond Reo
Also see the "Jaggerz"
Ain't That Peculiar

From Toronto they "scored" 16 Billboard charted hits in the 1950s and 1960s. Their good-looking original (and later) lead singer was Dave Sommerville who also appeared in more than 25 television shows in his lifetime. He was 81 when he died of cancer in 2015.

Church Bells May Ring
Little Darlin' / Stroll $F
She Say
Stroll $F
Walking Along

(Click for larger photo)
EP features She Say, Walking Along, Kathy-O, Stroll 
(7", 33 RPM, small centre hole, PS) $J

Dick & Dee Dee
Mountain's High
Tell Me $D

Jimmy Dickens
May the Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose $D

Bo Diddley
Bo Diddley / I'm Sorry $C
Bring It To Me Jerome / Reap What You Sow
Cops and Robbers
Hey Bo Diddley $C

I'm A Man / Say Man $Z
Ooh Baby / Back To School (Checker)
Who Do You Love / You Can't Judge a Book by its Cover $Z

Sausalito Summer Night $D

Marlene Dietrich
Lilli Marlene $C

Digable Planets
Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat) $Z

Digital Underground
Humpty Dance $Z

See the "Dementions"

Dimples (With Eddie Cooley)
Pricilla $C

Mark Dinning
Mark was 52 when he died of a heart attack in 1986

All Of This For Sally / Top 40, News, Weather & Sports
Teen Angel $C

Dino  (Dino Esposito)
I Like It
Romeo $C
Summertime Girls
Sunshine (PS)

Paul Dino
Ginnie Bell $F

Dino & Diplomats
I Can't Believe $C

Dino, Desi & Billy
Dino & Desi were the sons of Dean Martin & Desi Arnaz. Dino died in 1987 when he crashed his Air National Guard jet. He was 35
I'm a Fool / Not the Loving Kind $Z
If You're Thinkin' What I'm Thinkin' $F

Dion (& the Belmonts)
One of the most popular singers and songwriters of the 1950s and 1960s. Now 77 years old Dion is still writing, singing, recording and performing concerts in 2016. Also see the "Belmonts" and "Del" Satins

(Preceded by our inventory number)
16 Abraham Martin & John $C
87 And the Night Stood Still (Arista) (PS) $F
01 Donna the Prima Donna
35 Don't Pity Me
09 Drip Drop $F
35 Every Little Thing I Do
16 From Both Sides Now $C
41 I Used To Be a Brooklyn Dodger
22 I Wonder Why $Z
37 In the Still of the Night / Can't Go On Rosalie $C
11 Little Diane $Z
12 Lonely Teenager $Z
14 Love Came To Me
18 Lover's Prayer / Teenager in Love $C
28 Lovers Who Wander / I Was Born To Cry (Laurie)
39 Majestic
39 Medley Of Dion & Belmonts Hits
24 No One Knows
97 On the Night (WB)
26 Purple Haze
02 Ruby Baby
21 Runaround Sue $Z
85 Running Close Behind You (WB) $D
13 Sandy
17 Teenager In Love $C
29 That's My Desire
10 This Little Girl $F
24 Wanderer $Z
99 We Went Away / Tag Along (Mohawk label) $Z
29 When You Wish Upon A Star
28 Where or When $C

Céline Dion
Youngest of 14 children Céline is the top selling Canadian artist of all time with over 200 million record sales. Also the richest with more than $600M at her local TD Canada Trust
(If There Was) Any Other Way $C

Because You Loved Me $C
Beauty and the Beast (with Peabo Bryson) $C
If You Asked Me To $Z
I'm Your Angel (with R Kelly) $C
It's All Coming Back to Me Now $C
Last to Know / Unison
Love Can Move Mountains
Misled $C
Nothing Broken But My Heart
Power of Love $C
Think Twice $C
Water From the Moon / Little Bit of Love
When I Fall In Love (with Clive Griffin) $C
Where Does My Heart Beat Now $C

Dire Straits

Calling Elvis $Z
Heavy Fuel
Lady Writer
Money For Nothing / Twisting By the Pool $D

Private Investigations $Z
Skateaway / Les Boys $C
Skateaway / Solid Rock (WB) $D
So Far Away
Sultans of Swing / Down to the Waterline $Z
Walk of Life $C

Dirt Band
Also see the "Nitty" Gritty Dirt Band
An American Dream
Make A Little Magic

Dirty Polka Band
Also see Red "Peters"
Dirty Polka (Adult lyrics) $C

Disc Jockey 45 RPM Records (by John Norris)
Alley Cat (Sped Up Version) / Let Me Call You Sweetheart
Charleston / Hully Gully Baby
Chicken Dance / Sunrise Sunset
Havah Nagilah / Tarantella
Here Comes The Bride / Wedding March / The Bride Cuts The Cake
Mexican Hat Dance / Sweet Georgia Brown $C
Never On Sunday (Line Dance) / Southie is My Home Town (Polka)

Disco Tex & Sex-O-Lets
Get Dancing
I Wanna Dance Wit Choo

Fashion Plates (PS)
Hot Property (PS)

I Touch Myself $C

Dixie Belles
Down at Papa Joes / Southtown USA $D

Dixie Cups
Chapel of Love $Z
Iko Iko / I Want to Love Him So Bad $C
People Say

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince
Also see Will "Smith"
Girls Ain't Nothin But Trouble (PS) $Z
I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson (PS) $C
Nightmare On My Street
Parents Just Don't Understand

Carl Dobkins Jr & the Seniors

Exclusively Yours (Decca) $F
If You Don't Want My Lovin' $Z
Lucky Devil  (Decca) $F
My Heart is an Open Book 

Doctor and the Medics
Burn (PS)
More (Small centre hole)
Spirit In The Sky (PS)

Doctor Buzzard's Savannah Band
Also see "Kid" Creole and the Coconuts
I'll Play The Fool
Whispering - Cherchez La Femme - C'Est Ci Bon

Doctor Dre (Andre Young)
California Love $Z
Dre Day $Z
Nuthin' But a "G" Thang $Z

Doctor Feelgood

Dr Feelgood $D
Right String But Wrong Yoyo $D

Doctor Hook

All the Time In the World
Baby Makers Her Blue Jeans Talk $Z
Better Love Next Time
Carry Me Carrie $Z
Cover of Rolling Stone $D 
Girls Can Get It
If Not You
Life Ain't Easy $C
Little Bit More
Only Sixteen $D
Roland the Roadie and Gertrude the Groupie $C
Sexy Eyes
Sharing The Night Together
Sylvia's Mother $C
When You're In Love With A BeautiIful Woman $C
Years From Now

Doctor John
Making Whoopee (featuring Rickie Lee Jones) (PS)
Right Place Wrong Time $C
Such a Night $C

Doctor Music
Long Time Comin' Home
Sun Goes By $C

Try a Little Harder $D

Malcolm Dodds & Tunedrops
It Took A Long Long Time

Rich Dodson
I Got a Line $Z

Ernie K. Doe
Mother In Law $D

Bill Doggett
Honky Tonk $Z
Ram Bunk Shush
Slow Walk
Smokie Part II $C

Alone Again

Thomas Dolby / Dolby's Cube
Europa & the Pirate Twins
Howard the Duck
May the Cube Be With You (PS)
She Blinded Me With Science $D

Joe Dolce
Shaddap Your Face

Hey Da Da Dow $F

Placido Domingo
Annie's Song (with John Denver)
Love Came For Me
Perhap's Love (with John Denver)

Domino (Shawn Ivy)
Getto Jam $Z

Fats Domino

(Preceded by our inventory number)
16 Ain't That a Shame $Z
03 Blue Monday
31 Blueberry Hill $D
07 Bo Weevil
23 Country Boy
51 Don't Come Knockin' $Z
25 Fat Man $D
01 Goin' Home
05 I Hear You Knockin' $Z
10 I Want to Walk You Home $C
02 I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday
15 I'm In Love Again $Z
18 I'm Ready $C
09 I'm Walking
19 It's You That I Love $C
27 Jumbalaya $Z
49 Lady In Black
12 Let The Four Winds Blow
04 My Blue Heaven $C
17 My Girl Josephine $C
29 My Real Name $Z
08 One Night
11 Three Nights A Week
13 Valley Of Tears
14 Wait And See
32 Walking to New Orleans $Z
20 When My Dreamboat Comes Along $D
06 Whole Lotta Lovin'

(Click for larger photo)
51 EP features Three Nights a Week, Don't Come Knockin', I'm Walkin', I Want To Walk You Home (7", 33 RPM, small centre hole, PS) $J

Also see Billy "Ward" and the Dominoes
Can't Do 60 No More / Pedal Pushin' Papa
Give Me You / Learning the Blues
Have Mercy Baby / 60 Minute Man

Bo Donaldson & Heywoods
Billy Don't be a Hero $C
Who Do You Think You Are

Don & Juan
Two Fools Are We
What's Your Name $C

Lonnie Donegan
Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavour / My Old Man's A Dustman (PS) $D
Rock Island Line $C

Ral Donner

Girl Of My Best Friend / To Love Someone
She's Everything / You Don't Know What You've Got

Donnie & Dreamers
Count Every Star / My Memories Of You $C

Donovan (Leitch)
Atlantis / To Susan on the West Coast Waiting $C
Catch the Wind / Universal Soldier $Z
Colours / Josie (Hickory) $F
Epistle To Dippy $D
Hurdy Gurdy Man / Jennifer Juniper $C

I Like You / Earth Sign Man $C
Mellow Yellow / Sunshine Superman $Z
Riki Tiki Tavi $D
There Is A Mountain $F
Universal Soldier $C

(Click for larger photo)
EP includes Sunshine Superman, Mellow Yellow, Hurdy Gurdy Man, Catch The Wind (7", 33 RPM, small centre hole, PS) $D

Dickie Doo & Don'ts
Also see the "Fireflies" and Gerry "Granahan"
Click Clack $C
Nee Nee Na Na Nu Nu $C

Doobie Brothers

(Preceded by our inventory number)
15 Black Water $C
33 China Grove $Z
06 Depending On You
07 Doctor (PS)
27 Eyes Of Silver
03 It Keeps You Runnin' $C
21 Keep This Train a Rollin
01 Listen To The Music $F
23 Little Darlin (I Need You)
19 Long Train Runnin' $C
05 Minute By Minute
13 One Step Closer 
11 Real Love 
31 Sweet Maxine
16 Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me)
29 Taking It To the Streets $Z
04 What a Fool Believes $Z
25 Wheels Of Fortune

Howdy Doody (Buffalo Bob Smith)
It's Howdy Doody Time $Z


Break on Through / People are Strange $Z
Hello I Love You / Touch Me $Z
Light My Fire (Used copies) $Z
Love Me Two Times / Unknown Soldier
Riders on the Storm (Used copies) $Z

Running Blue $Z
Ships With Sails $Z
Wishful Sinful / Who Scared You (Elektra) $C

Charlie Dore
Pilot Of The Airwaves $C
You Should Hear (How She Talks About You)

Do Re Mi Children's Chorus
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocius $C

Only (PS)

Harold Dorman
Mountain Of Love
Moved To Kansas City (Rita) $C

Jimmy Dorsey and his Orchestra
Jimmy was 53 when he died of cancer in 1957
Original mono recordings
Always In My Heart / Yours
Green Eyes / Breeze and I
Jay Dee's Boogie Woogie  June Night $Z
Maria Elena / Amapola $C Sophisticated Swing $Z
So Rare
Tangerine / It Happened in Hawaii

Stereo recordings
Tangerine / Maria Elena

Lee Dorsey
Lee was 61 when he died of emphysema in 1986
Do Re Mi
Ride Your Pony
Working In A Coal Mine
Ya Ya

Tommy Dorsey Orchestra
Tommy was 51 when he died in 1956 of choking in his sleep
Original mono recordings
Boogie Woogie / Opus No. 1
Boogie Woogie / Martha $C
Bourbon Street Beat (WB TV show theme) (Decca) $C
Charleston / Bunny Hop $C
Daybreak (with F Sinatra) / There Are Such Things (with F Sinatra) $C
Hambone / Come What May (Decca) $C

I'm Getting Sentimental Over You (Tommy Dorsey Theme Song) 
One I Love / This Love is Mine (with Frank Sinatra)
Once In a While / Not So Quiet Please
Royal Garden Blues / After You've Gone $C
Song of India / Marie $C

Star Dust / There Are Such Things
TD's Boogie Woogie / I'm Getting Sentimental Over You $C
TD's Boogie Woogie / Opus Two (Decca) $C
Tea For Two Cha Cha (Decca) $C

Stereo recordings
Boogie Woogie / We'll Get It
Deep River / Opus No. 1
I'm Getting Sentimental Over You / Somebody's Knocking At My Door
Not So Quiet Please / Swanee River
Song Of India / Yes Indeed

Captain Of Her Heart (PS)
Devil's Ball
Woman of the World

Doucette / Jerry Doucette
All I Want To Do

Doug & the Slugs / Doug Bennett

Day By Day $D
I'll Be Waiting For You
It's Got to be Monday
(by Doug Bennett) (PS) $C
Love Shines
Making It Work $Z
Tomcat Prowl
Who Knows How To Make Love Stay $C

Carl Douglas

Dance the Kung Fu
Kung Fu Fighting $C

Carol Douglas
Doctor's Orders / Midnight Love Affair

Mike Douglas (Michael Dowd Jr)
Men In My Little Girl's Life

Ronnie Dove
Cry / Say You
Happy Summer Days / Kiss Away
Hello Pretty Girl / When Liking Turns To Loving
I'll Make All Your Dreams Come True (Diamond) $C
In Some Time (Diamond) 
Little Bit Of Heaven / One Kiss For Old Times Sake
Mountain of Love / Right or Wrong $C
My Babe (Diamond) 
One Kiss For Old Times Sake
Right or Wrong $C
Say You
About the picture sleeves on our site: Every picture sleeve on our site requires some work after we scan it.  On pefect / nearly perfect sleeves we only need to "crop" it to make it square and then reduce the size slightly. However, the majority of the sleeves need to be touched up somewhat to remove scratches, writing or fading. Common on many sleeves is a "ring" where the record sat inside for many years. Lots of sleeves require work to remove 30 or 40 years of dirt - most evident on sleeves with white or light coloured edges. Some sleeves present unique challenges here as they are ripped or missing details completely. Click here to see a larger repesentation of the Dovells sleeve (on the right) after scanning but before our work. See below to see the same sleeve we uploaded to our site after a little "grooming."


Bristol Stomp / You Can't Sit Down (Original versions) $Z
You Can't Sit Down (Recorded in 1973)

Joe Dowell

Little Red Rented Rowboat
No Secrets $C
Wooden Heart

(Click for larger photo)
EP Features Wooden Heart by Joe Dowell plus 3 more songs by the Angels, Millie Small and the Left Banke (7", 33 RPM, small centre hole, PS) $F 
(New reduced price)

China Doll

Downchild Blues Band
Tell Your Mother $J

Wilf Doyle
The Isle of Newfoundland $C

Lamont Dozier
Fish Ain't Biting

Dr. Hook / Dr. Dre / Dr. John / Dr. & Medics / Etc
See "Doctor"

Charlie Drake
I Bent My Assagai $F
My Boomerang Won't Come Back $C

Guy Drake
Welfare Cadillac $C

Pete Drake and his Talking Steel Guitar
I'm Walking / Are You Sincere (Smash)  $D

In the Rain $C
Shake It Well
What You See is Whatcha Get $C
You're the Best Thing In My Life

Rusty Draper
Freight Train $F
Night Life $C
Shifting Whispering Sands $Z

(Click for larger photo)
EP Features Freight Train plus 3 more songs by Rex Allen, Jack Banchard & Misty Morgan and Patti Page (7", 45 RPM, small centre hole, PS) $F
(New reduced price)

Drastic Measures
It Won't Be Long (Small centre hole) (PS)

Judge Dread
Come Outside / Up With The Cock

Dream Academy
Life in a Northern Town $D
Love Parade (PS) $C

Tears In My Eyes

Amazons And Coyotes
If I Should Lose You
My I Kiss The Bride
When We Get Married $C
While We Were Dancing

It's Almost Tomorrow $C

Patti Drew 
Tell Him $C


(Preceded by our inventory number)
78 Adorable
52 Another Night With The Boys / Mexican Divorce
54 At The Club
19 Bip Bam $C.
10 Dance With Me / True Love True Love $F
61 Fools Fall in Love in a Hurry / Lonely Winds $C
32 Honey Love $C
21 I'll Take You Home $F
61 Lonely Winds $C
31 Money Honey $D
49 Ol' Man River (Drifters with Bill Pinkney)
02 On Broadway / Some Kind of Wonderful $F
12 Ruby Baby $Z
14 Saturday Night at the Movies $Z
16 Save the Last Dance for Me / When My Little Girl is Smiling $F
03 Some Kind of Wonderful $Z
19 Someday, You'll Want Me to Want You $C.
78 Steamboat / Adorable $C
50 Stranger On The Shore $C
21 Sweets For My Sweet / I'll Take You Home $Z
05 There Goes My Baby $Z
This Magic Moment / Some Kind of Wonderful $Z

10 True Love True Love $F
17 Up on the Roof $Z
13 Under the Boardwalk / Ruby Baby $Z
16 When My Little Girl is Smiling $F

48 White Christmas / Bell's of St Mary's (Drifters with Clyde McPhatter)
49 White Christmas / Silent Night (Drifters with Bill Pinkney)
51 W-P-L-J (Drifters with Bill Pinkney)
54 Your Promise To Be Mine

Gangsta Lean $Z

Roy Drusky
Another / The Same Corner (Decca)
Rainbows & Roses / White Lightning Express
Yes Mr Peters (with Priscilla Mitchell) (Mercury) $C

D Train
Something's On Your Mind

Stick Shift $C


Be Sure My Love / Beside My Love
Be Sure My Love / Don't Ask Me to Be Lonely $C
Could This Be Magic / Such Lovin' $C
Darling / Beside My Love

I'm So Happy (Blue vinyl)

Annette Ducharme
Slavery (PS)

Dave Dudley
Big Ole House (Mercury) 
Coffee Coffee Coffee (Mercury)
Mad (Mercury) $Z 

Six Days on the Road $Z

Du Droppers
Can't Do Sixty No More

Eric Weissburg (Deliverence)
Dueling Banjos $D

Stephen "Tin Tin" Duffy
See also "Tin Tin"
Icing On the Cake
Kiss Me

Dazzey Duks $Z

George Duke
Shine On

Patty Duke

Don't Just Stand There / Say Something Funny

Duke Of Earl
See Gene "Chandler"

Johnny Duncan
She Can Put Her Shoes Under My Bed  / Hello Mexico (And Adios Baby to You)
Stranger / Thinking of a Rendezvous

David Dundas
Blue Jeans
Jeans On

Champion Jack Dupree
Drunk Again / Number Nine Blues

Robbie Dupree
Hot Rod Hearts / Steal Away
Steal Away

Gone With the Wind
Have You Heard $C
It's No Sin (Coed)
I Wish I Could Believe You (Coed)
Why Don't You Believe Me
You Belong to Me $C

Duran Duran
All She Wants Is (PS)
Come Undone
Drowning Man
Hungry Like the Wolf $D
I Don't Want Your Love (PS)
Is There Something I Should Know $C
New Moon On Monday $C
New Religion EP
Notorious (PS)
Ordinary World $C
Perfect Day
Rio (PS) $Z
Save A Prayer $C
Skin Trade (PS)
Union Of The Snake (PS)
View To A Kill $C
Wild Boys

Jimmy Durante
Inka Dinka Doo / Start Off Each Day With a Song $C

Ian Dury
Sex Drugs & Rock & Roll (Yellow Vinyl PS) $Z

Also see the "Angels"
Angel Baby
I Hear Those Church Bells Ringing

Dyke & Blazers
Funky Broadway

Bob Dylan

Bob was 75 when he won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2016
Copper Kettle / Wigwam

Fool Such As I $D
George Jackson (Columbia) $C
Gotta Serve Somebody $Z

Hurricane $Z
If You See Her, Say Hello / Tangled Up In Blue $D
Knocking of Heaven's Door $F
Lay Lady Lay / I Threw It All Away $H
Like a Rolling Stone / Rainy Day Women #12 & #35 $Z

Mozambique $Z 
New Pony
On a Night Like This (Asylum)
Positively 4th Street / Subterranean Home Sick Blues $Z
Solid Rock
Tight Connection To My Heart
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You $C

Dynamic Superiors
Shoe Shoe Shine

Ronnie Dyson
Just Don't Want to be Lonely
One Man Band
Why Can't I Touch You

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