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Cam Park CD-4011 
US$13.95 or CDN$16.95
The Teen Sound - Campark 11

1. Wait ‘N See – Chris Page
2. Lonely Chair – Jimmy Gavin
3. Drop Drop Sha La La Blues – Jack Merlin
4. Broken Shoes – Joe Van Loan
5. Forget My Past – Denny Mela
6. Out In The Country – Mike Clifford
7. All Through The Night – Billy Harner
8. I Just Don’t Love You Anymore – Sean Thomas
9. Maybe Tomorrow – Paul Hampton
10. The Crazy Ways Of Love – Ronnie Lavelle
11. To Prove My Love Is True – Yvonne Baker
12. Those Private Eyes – Chubby Checker
13. I’ll Take Tomorrow – Ray Vernon
14. You’ll Never Be Mine – Wayne Handy
15. It Could Happen To You – The Revlons
16. Before I Loved Her – Mike Clifford
17. I Made Her Forget – Neil Brian
18. Nothings Impossible – Paul Hampton
19. Just For Her – George Tindley
20. My Honey Bun – Babs Tino
21. Wait For Me My Love – Tommy Maris
22. Home To Stay – Jerome Powell
23. Hold Back The Dawn – Joe Van Loan
24. Big Men Cry – Dave Edwards
25. Hear, You Better Hear! – Billy And Lillie
26. Younger Girl – The Warmest Spring
27. Singing The Blues – Richard Starr

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