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Flip CD-001 
US$13.95 or CDN$16.95
Phil Spector - Flips and Rarities

1. I Idolize You – Ike & Tina Turner 
2. Black Pearl – Sonny Charles & the Checkmates 
3. Dream For Sale– Gene Pitney 
4. Some Of Your Loving – Johnny Nash 
5. World of Tears - - Johnny Nash 
6. When You Dance – Billy Storm 
7. Spanish Harlem – Santo & Johnny 
8. Mr Robin – The Spectors Three 
9. Some of Your Lovin’ – Emil O’Connor 
10. I Love You Betty – Terry Day 
11. That’s Alright Baby – Gary Crosby
12. Yes I Love You – Paris Sisters 
13. That’s What Girls are For – Timothy Hay & the Wanderobo 
14. Where Can You Be – Tony and Joe 
15. Raincoat In a River – Sammy Turner 
16. To Know Him Is to Love Him – Leslie Gore 
17. Be My Girl – Ray Peterson 
18. Unchained Melody – The Blackwells 
19. Oh Why! – The Teddybears 
20. Home of the Brave – Bonnie & the Treasures 
21. Why Can’t a Boy and Girl Just Stay In Love – April Stevens 
22. Why Don’t They Let Us Fall In Love – Veronica 
23. Let’s Dance the Screw – The Crystals 
24. Bumbershoot – Phil Harvey 
25. I’m a Woman In Love – The Ronettes 
26. He’s a Quiet Guy – Darlene Love 
27. Here It Comes (Here I Go) – Jerri Bo Keno 
28. Puddin ‘n’ Tain – The Alleycats 
29. Dream For Sale – Joey Paige 
30. I’m So Happy (Tra La La) – The Ducanes

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