The Directory of Canadian Recruiters

For Sale

The complete business is for sale including the following:

1) Our world-famous Directory of Canadian Recruiters database including full details of more than 16,000 Canadian recruiting firms operating between 1993 and 2013+. This database is completely up-to-date today.

2) Our two registered web sites "" and ""

3) About 30 copies of our current book edition (2011-12)

4) About 30 copies of our current Professional CD edition (2011-12)

5) Printed colour covers for future book editions

6) Shipping envelopes for book edition

7) Any training or coaching deemed necessary

This business makes about $25,000 profit per year with current products and services - yearly profit could easily be doubled with more emphasis on web site marketing.

It is a "home-based business" that might appeal to a variety of individuals including early retirees. It can be "run" easily from anywhere in Canada - or the USA. 

Please don't send any questions by E-Mail. If you are in interested in talking please phone me at (905) 813-9544 or toll-free at 1-(800) 494-6129

I'm now 68 years old - I can't do this forever !

Neil Patte

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