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2011-12 Professional CD Edition

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90 MEG - PC Format

The 2011-12 Professional CD Edition is the largest and most up-to-date we have ever published. It includes more than 560 new recruiting firm listings (compared to the 2010 Professional CD edition).

The 2011-12 Professional CD edition includes all the following features & benefits of our Canadian book edition

  • Nine full chapters crammed with information including:
  • Full details on Canada's leading 3740 Search & Recruiting firms - includes the 2655 detailed in our Canadian book edition plus 1085 more
  • Resource Centres - Separate chapter detailing an additional 954 government-funded help centres from coast-to-coast that will help you get your next job - absolutely free
  • More than 175 foreigner recruiting firms specializing in placing foreign nationals quickly into Canadian contract (1 year or 2 year) jobs without immigration. These firms placed more than 182,000 temporary contract workers in Canada in 2010.
  • No compromises - no surprises. Thoroughly researched by a full time department our publications are the only recruiting directories in Canada to be continually revised -  no assumed, missing or outdated information
  • A Yellow Pages index chapter featuring 160 industry & position specialities - look up any industry or any position and find all the recruiters that are filling jobs just like the job you want, or, your company is looking to hire
  • An Area Index chapter that really works! Look up any area of Canada (9 listed) and find all the recruiting companies indexed by five specific salary levels
  • Five text chapters (written by recruiters) to help the reader make the recruiter experience successful. For company clients - how to hire the right recruiting company. For candidates - which firms can help you the most, what they want to hear from you on the telephone, see on your résumé and will ask you at an interview - and much more
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Table of Contents
Detailed information on the Directory of Canadian Recruiters book edition

Plus features & benefits only available on our Professional CD edition

  • All the same nine chapters, text & graphics of our book edition in HTML format- enabling the following unique benefits:
  • Use your your web browser (Mozilla Firefox, MS Internet Explorer or Apple Safari) to read the book and / or use your printer to print the book (or the parts you need)
  • Direct link to 3406 (verified) Canadian recruiter web sites - See what jobs they are offering / searching for today!
  • Instantly identify the recruiting firms you need using your database program and the included database files. Find specific recruiters in a single "query" by combining industry and position / profession and salary level specialities and location (e.g., who fills engineering jobs in the pulp and paper industry in British Columbia above $30K per year) !
  • Send (attach) your résumé to any of 3304 recruiter E-Mail  addresses - with a simple click of your mouse
  • Export the E-Mail addresses to a "bulk E-Mail" program (free on internet) and send your résumé (or sales letter) to 3304 recruiter E-Mail addresses in about one hour
  • An intuitive AutoStart capability and shell enabling you to view, load and use the CD immediately
  • Comprehensive help / tutor chapter to aid you in obtaining the full benefits of our Professional edition.
  • Includes six complete recruiter databases in Excel 3.0, Excel 97-2003, Access '97, Access 2000, dBASE III and "text delimited" formats - these data files are exportable and can be manipulated and used by a variety of database (e.g., DBase, Paradox, Access), spreadsheet (e.g., Lotus, Excel) and contact manager (e.g., Goldmine, Outlook) programs.
Directory of Canadian Recruiters Professional CD System Requirements

Pentium PC (120+ MHz recommended), 32+ MB RAM, Windows 98/ NT4.0 or 2000/XP. CD ROM drive (4 speed or better recommended), Mouse or tablet. Netscape Communicator, Mozilla Firefox or MS Internet Explorer & Internet connection required for some features. 

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