The Directory of Canadian Recruiters 
2011-12 National Book Edition

The original, the genuine, the best - the first choice of candidates, companies
and organizations since 1993. Canada's only comprehensive directory of search companies


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ISBN 0-920325-57-2
302 printed pages + CD - 850g 

The 2011-12 National Book Edition includes more than 200 new recruiting firm listings (compared to the 2010 National book edition).

The 2011-12 Directory of Canadian Recruiters includes all the following features & benefits

  • Spiral Binding - it lies flat when you use it
  • Nine full chapters crammed with information including:
  • Full details on Canada's leading 2655 Search & Recruiting firms
  • No compromises - no surprises. Thoroughly researched by a full time department our publications are the only recruiting directories in Canada to be revised annually -  no assumed, missing or outdated information
  • A Yellow Pages index chapter featuring 160 industry & position specialities! Look up any industry or any position and find all the recruiters that are filling jobs just like the job you want, or, your company is looking to hire
  • An Area Index chapter that really works! Look up any area of Canada (9 listed) and find all the recruiting companies indexed by five specific salary levels
  • Five text chapters (written by recruiters) to help the reader make the recruiter experience successful. For company clients how to hire the right recruiting company. For candidates which firms can help you the most, what they want to hear from you on the telephone, see on your résumé and will ask you at an interview and much more
  • Includes CD. CD provides full details on Canada's 2655 search firms in HTML (web page) format. It enables the buyer to use his web browser (search & find capability) to locate recruiting firms by a variety of criteria including their specialties. This CD has no data files or export capability. 
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