The Directory of Toronto / Canadian Recruiters
Table of Contents

About the Author-Neil Patte
About the Author-Owen Thornton
Purpose of The Directory
Notes From Neil Patte
Notes From Owen Thornton

The Recruiting Industry
Types of Client Billing
Recruiter Specialization
Types of Recruiting Firms
The Recruiter Profile
The Future of Recruiting
Types Of Non-Recruiting Firms

For the Client
Using a Recruiter - Advantages
Selecting a Recruiter
The Recruiting Process

For the Candidate
Ready, Set, Go
Obtaining Job-Search Help
Career Counselling
Time Management
Ups and Downs of Temp Work
Contract Work
Cover Letters
Surviving the Job Interview
When to Use a Recruiter
Selecting Recruiters
Recruiter Contact Phone Codes
Phoning a Recruiter
Cover Letters to Recruiters
Recruiter Interview
Recruiter Arranged Company Interview
The Job Offer
Saying Good-bye to the Job Search

Directory Secrets
Making It Work
Readers' Questions about The Directory
Managing Your Search - Time
Managing Your Search - Components
Selecting the Recruiters to Contact
Using the Directory - Speed and Efficiency
The Process of Contacting Recruiters
Your Objectives and Timetable
Following Up
Adding More Recruiters to Contact
Recruiters - Do's and Don'ts
Self-help Groups

Recruiters - Data & Codes
Criteria - Recruiting Companies Listed in our Directories
Criteria - Recruiting Companies Not Listed in our Directories
Codes Used in our Recruiter Listings (By Category)
Codes Used in our Recruiter Listings (Complete Alphabetical listing)
Typical Directory Listings

Recruiting Firms Chapter (Canada & Toronto book editions)
Includes complete firm alphabetical Listings (and full details on all listed firms)

Recruiting Firms Chapter (Canadian Professional CD edition)
Includes six complete firm alphabetical files (and full details on all listed firms) in the following groupings:

1) Canada - All Firms
2) Canada - Firms with E-Mail and/or Internet Address
3) Canada - Information Technology Recruiters
4) Regional - Quebec and East - All Firms
5) Regional - Ontario - All Firms
6) Regional - Manitoba and West - All Firms

Resource Centres Chapter
Detailing local help centres (450+ in Canada book & Professional CD edition) that will help you get your next job - absolutely free

Recruiter Index by Industry & Position / Profession
Index of all firms by salary level of jobs filled. The Canadian book & Professional CD edition provides a salary index for 9 specific areas of Canada.

Glossary (Explanation of words used by recruiters)
Associations (Complete details on 5 different Canadian recruiter associations)
Bibliography (Other books to help the job seeker)
Also from Continental Records (Other books published by our firm)
Executive Resume Example
Covering Letter to a Recruiter Example
Detailed information on recruiter firm listings (how we interview & list them)

Included Database files (Professional CD edition only)

Tutor & Help (Profesional CD edition only)

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